We are so proud to share these Artists

Pendleton Art and Frame is honored to exhibit and share the following artists with our Clients. We often display some or all of their work in our shop and we have exhibits to help feature some of their amazing work. Select each artist’s name below to see more about them.

Pastel & Oil paintings & Encaustic

My works of pastel paintings are representational of the landscape of the western US. My goal is to create a piece that draws viewers into the landscape; letting them enjoy the season, the color — the astounding beauty of the area.

Pastel is my favorite medium because of the rich, pure pigment that allows me to represent the texture, color and light that I personally love so well. I select and focus on a particular scene because of its contrast, e.g., a patch of aspen trees nestled up to the denseness of firs, shrubs and brush, an arroyo weaving through the desert, a field harvested. I also look for the variety of texture and the way it all interacts with the light of the moment. I like to “push” color and texture as far as I can and yet not lose the sense of the subject.

Art has always been an important part of my life; from a child growing up in central Montana, the child of artistic parents. Always encouraged, my own style grew through the experimenting with different mediums, settling on mostly pastel and oil as favorites. These mediums allow me to express my impressions in a representational, yet impressionistic manner.

Enjoy the work…step into that painting, get lost in it for a moment, let it be your story. If you do that, then my work was a success…


Awe-inspiring moments in nature continue to be the focus of my photography. Images of landscapes and wildlife close to home, as well as from far away…. Blue Mountain vistas, blue herons, Galapagos sea lions, Antarctic ice, and more…enjoy!

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Paintings and Drawings

“Generally, I work from photographs and, more recently, plein air paintings, produced on my road trips and hikes. I do my drawings on Sunday afternoons to the sounds of American Routes. Although they are finished pieces unto themselves, my drawings are working sketches and studies for my studio paintings.” ~ Jerry

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I create work using watercolor and fluid acrylics.  My kinship with the natural world began early in life. I would spend countless hours on the banks of our farm creek, mesmerized by the complexity found in nature.  This special connection with water continues to this day.  Streams and riparian wildlife are favorite painting subjects, in addition to a fondness for all animals.

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Travel Posters

Paul A. Lanquist (”PAL”) is a Northwest artist who currently lives near Mt. St. Helens Washington with his wife and family. Paul is a dedicated outdoor enthusiast, has been a commercial artist and Illustrator for 20 years and has worked for a variety of companies such as Fred Meyer, Danner Boots, GI Joe’s, Whole Foods, Luhr Jensen, and Princess Cruise Lines.

His style captures the rugged, quaint, friendly and dignified personality of life in United States and Canada.

Paul believes that part of being a good illustrator is learning to build from past experience and to study the work of other American illustrators. Through the years Paul has gravitated to the work of illustrators from the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s that use color and design to communicate their ideas in a straightforward way. The natural beauty of America is another important influence in Paul’s work. By combining the nostalgic look and feel of the past with the spectacular scenery of this country Paul has created destination and travel posters that capture the beauty and life style of these unique areas.

I grew up in a family of storytellers and so it is natural that my artwork always tells a story. Each piece begins with a narrative, expressed through subject matter and color. My intent is always to create a piece that speaks to the viewer’s own experience, and one that appeals to their sense of style, family, and spiritual belief.

This “Spirit of Place” series expresses what calls to my heart and to the spirit of the Pendleton area, both in landscape and in its unique cultures. I have been particularly drawn to St. Andrew’s Mission and to its history with the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla, and to the earth itself surrounding the foothills of the Blue Mountains.

The Native American women depicted in “Our Lady of Grace” series, show the spiritual, and often spirited, juxtaposition of both the efforts to convert a Native People to Christianity and the Catholic story, but also the value that the tribes have in their own religion and traditions. If you observe each of the pen and inks closely you will be able to see both biblical symbols and symbols associated with the Native Americans’ religion.

The story of the changing seasons in the Pendleton, Umatilla County area are focused on the foothills of the Blue Mountains and on the all important Umatilla River and fertile land that gives so many people not only their livelihood but also their daily sustenance. How could any of us survive without water and the earth that gives us our daily bread, and also beauty.


To create our bronze sculptures we use the ancient Lost Wax method used by artists for over 6,000 years. We savor the total freedom of creating with clay – with it we form the heart and soul of our subjects. When they are finished in bronze form, people can touch one of our sculptures and know what we felt when we created it.

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